9.02.10 Teen TV Residue Gallery Opening: RECAP

9.02.10:Teen TV Residue opening at the Distillery Gallery in South Boston last week.  There was a good turn out, despite the near 100 degree weather, moving day for much of Boston, and the fact that this was my first post college/non-cafe gallery show….and of course, the usual last minute chaos.  In the hindsight, the show could have been bigger, better, gone more smoothly etc…but the bottom line is that it happened, and folks enjoyed it…..and it was good.

Among many things, including strong pieces, strong artists, and a strong turn out for the show, one of the things I am most proud of about the 9.02.10 show is that it started from something very personal and became thing universal.  The unfortunate part is I realized the unversitility late in the game, thus. lst minute.  Still, we delivered….from  Jessica Pollak’s shadobowboxes of the men of Buffy,

The Men of Buffy: Oz, Angel, Spike-by Jessica Pollak (courtesy the DistilleryGallery Flickr

to Mary Fay Holt‘s Virginity Lost Specimens..

"Last" By Mary Fay Holt. (Includes Alex P. Keaton, Spike Nelson, Brenda Walsh, Buffy Summers, & Blair Waldorf)

Independently we also had a Jordan Catalano (“Hunky Dreamboat”) by Tony Bevilacqua and an Angela Chase (..can like, narrate”) by Cassandra long.  Robert daVies tied it all together by painting the thought/speech bubbles

"My So Called Life Installation" by Tony Bevilacqua, Robert daVies, & Cassandra Long

We also had a collaborative project amongst studio 11, spearheaded by Nick Ward & Mary Fay Holt…an interactive teen bedroom.  You could write notes to your high school crushes, or to anyone, rummage through this fictional teens things, or just hang out and remember what it was like.

"Becca loves Zach" -Studio 11 Colloboration

Across from the teen room, Kelsey Jarboe’s piece “Makeup Takedown” contained a video loop of YouTube videos of female teens dressing up their straight male friends in drag.  Participants were allowed to sit down, and dress themselves up too

"Makeup Takedown" by Kelsey Jarboe

And of course…there was my 90210 pieces, Some crying Brendas, a stoic Branda, and of course…Donna Martin Graduates.

Brenda,Brandon,Brenda-Elizabeth Grammaticas

Brenda Walsh is Crying!-Elizabeth Grammaticas

Donna Martin Graduates!-Elizabeth Grammaticas

and of course, let’s not forget…our very own Peach Pit

Peach Pit at the Distillery

All and all, we put together an enjoyable, fun show….thank you everyone who participated…thank you everyone who came, and thank you everyone who’s interest we caught for future shows.  For a first show, I say we did a good job folks. More on the after party and studio 11 events to come….


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